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Interested in moving to Boca Raton? Here are 10 cool and unique facts about this beautiful area in Florida.

Boca Raton is a city well-known for its rich history and fascinating facts. If you’re new to the area, visiting, or are searching for real estate in Boca Raton, here are some facts about Boca that might surprise you about this beautiful location.

1. No One Knows for Sure How it Got its Name

Boca Raton is Spanish for Mouse's Mouth, though many people in the city will call it Rat's Mouth. This reason is that Spanish words are similar, with rata meaning “rat,” and raton meaning “mouse.”

But, how did it get its name? We know that “mouth” is how sailors described an inlet, but the “raton” part is questionable. In maritime terms in the 1800s, “raton” could also refer to the rugged rocks located at the bottom of the port. These rocks would break ships’ cables like the mouths of rats, hence the name. However, there are alternative explanations, including pirates!

2. The First IBM Personal Computer Was Developed There

The early 1980s saw the rise in personal computers, one of them being the IBM 5150. This computer was revolutionary for the time due to how small it was. While it was not the first personal computer, it set a standard that other computers would follow for a long time.

And it was developed in Boca Raton. A team of engineers under Don Estridge, considered the father of the IBM PC, developed it here. At the time, the PC had a starting price of $1,565. In today's money, that goes for $4,884. You had a computer that had memory starting at 16kb for that much.

3. It Almost Was an Economic Failure

Boca Raton has so much economic activity that it's hard to imagine there was a time when most businesses were closing. But that was the case before 1991 when the Boca Raton Mall closed many of its shops. However, after it turned into Mizner Park, it's remained a cultural hub of shops, dining, and celebrations. Nowadays, it’s one of the top real estate areas in all of Florida.

4. The Boca Raton Tower is the Tallest in the Area

The Boca Raton Resort & Club Tower stands above the rest, and if you’re taking a trip here, you have to see it at least once.

It was first built in 1969, and this pink tower still stands tall to this day, receiving updates for newcomers to the town. The Boca Raton Tower is about 92 meters or 302 feet tall.

5. It’s One of the Safest Cities in Florida

One reason so many are moving to Boca Raton is that it's safe. Ranking at 26, Florida is in the middle of states regarding violent crime rate, and Boca Raton manages to lower this crime rate by being 38% lower than the state average.

This reason is why many are moving here. Over 1,000 people make it to Boca Raton every year, and we expect to see this number increase with time.

6. Boca Raton is Home to Several Celebrities

Florida attracts the rich and famous due to its beautiful beaches, luxurious properties, and low taxes. Boca Raton is no exception. Several famous people live or have lived there. This list includes Adam Sandler, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Sandberg, and Ariana Grande. So when you visit Boca Raton, expect to see a famous person or two here.

7. It Has a Rich, Troubled Japanese History

In Florida, a group of Japanese farmers known as the Yamato Colony began settling near Boca Raton in 1904, locating themselves west of the town. They used the area to create pineapple plantations.

While they had the potential to grow, they never took off entirely. One reason for this was that blights corrupted many crops, leading to them having difficulty keeping themselves afloat. In addition, the farmers would have to face Cuban competition.

Because of this, many of its Japanese colonists would go back to their homeland. However, they took another blow during World War II. In this period, Japanese Americans were targeted by the government because Japan was an enemy in the war. Meanwhile, the Japanese's land was turned into Air Force bases, with some of them existing to this day.

Luckily, there is evidence of the Japanese’s involvement, with the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens being a place worth visiting if you want to learn more.

8. It Has a Sizable Work from Home Population

During the height of the pandemic, many people started working from home. However, many had to return to the office once life returned to normal. However, if you want to move to an area where there's less of a commute, Boca Raton is your answer.

Over 10% of the population works from home in some capacity. It being a center for technology certainly helps in this regard. In addition, Boca Raton is a town where you work at a traditional office, without too much time commuting. The average commute time is about 21 minutes.

9. It Has a Strict Building Code

One of the reasons people find Boca Raton so attractive is because it looks different from other cities. Architect Addison Mizner planned Boca Raton with a Mediterranean Revival theme, and the building code remains true to his vision. There are rules as to what can be built in the city limits.

Because of this, you will not see giant billboard advertisements in the town. Many people who move here enjoy this because Boca Raton has a unique appearance that makes it stand out among a sea of cities with similar themes.

10. Home Prices Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Let's be honest and say that Boca Raton is intended for upper-middle class people or higher, with a 120.8 cost of living index. However, you would be surprised to learn that houses can be affordable if you know where you're looking.

For example, you can find homes in Boca Raton for under $500K. While the housing market is going up, finding the home of your dreams is possible. Some have even found financing to help them get the home of their dreams too. It's definitely possible and many people have managed to move here on a smaller budget, so if you're interested, now's the time! 

We can help. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Real Estate For Sale In Boca Raton

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