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Are you moving to West Palm Beach? Or, are you here for some fun in the sun? Either way, you're in for a treat. There's always something to do regardless of the time of year. Here is a sampling of what we have to offer.
Downtown West Palm Beach Office Buildings

Holiday Events

Since it's December, we should first talk about holiday-themed events. While West Palm Beach isn't known for snow, we still celebrate the holidays well. For example, we have a 35-foot, 700-ton sand tree named Sandi, and along with her comes several holiday events.

For New Year's, West Palm Beach knows how to celebrate. You'll find New Year's events ringing in the celebration all around downtown. From steak dinners to a more traditional party, we have it all.

The Square

Do you have a shopping bug? West Palm Beach has you covered. Aside from our many different shopping centers, we are home to The Square.

The Square combines indoor and outdoor shopping malls with plenty of food, arts and culture, and community events. It's more than just a shopping mall; anyone can find something to do at The Square. There's even a cultural arts theater nearby.

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary (And Other Nature Areas)

For animal lovers, West Palm Beach is home to an animal sanctuary. We highly recommend this one! McCarthy's has over 200 animals, each preserved in a natural habitat. Not only is it an excellent place to take your family, but if you want to support the preservation of animal life, visiting McCarthy's is a great way to do so.

If you wish to go scuba diving to see what lies below, many scuba diving areas are to try. West Palm Beach is also home to many recreational areas and parks for those looking for a place to walk or have recreational activities.

The Science Center is an excellent place for aquarium lovers to see some fish and learn more about them. Being in Florida, there are also many other aquariums to choose from, like the Cox Science Center.

Boat Tours

Would you like to have an adventure on the water? West Palm Beach is home to many boat tours that you can enjoy.

One example is the Sunset Cruise, a 2-hour boat tour of the city. You can ride in luxury as you see everything the city offers.

Do you want something a little more unique? Then, the Musical Tour might be more up your alley. Turn an ordinary tour of the city into an extraordinary time inside a bus that traverses the waters.

What about a tour for fishers? You can take fishing tours and charters if you want to explore the city while getting the big catch. You may be surprised to know just how many species of saltwater fish you can catch.

Want something a little more thrilling? Why not try a parasailing tour? With this exciting tour, you're high up in the air while viewing the town differently.


West Palm Beach has various museums, and you can't afford to miss them if you're a history buff.

Perhaps the best-known museum is the Norton Museum of Artwith over 7,000 worldwide exhibits ranging from historical to contemporary. You could spend all day basking in what Norton has to offer.

For something that feels more Floridian, you can visit Manatee Lagoon. You can learn more about the manatee, a gentle sea cow that faces endangerment. It's well worth the visit, from exhibits to a hands-on viewing of this gorgeous creature.

If you're a vehicle enthusiast, there's even an automobile museum to check out.

The closest experience to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you'll get is the Bulk Candy Store tour, which shows the production and history of their candy. Bulk has a variety of sweets, from nostalgic to contemporary, and they're all delicious. Great for people with kids or for the young at heart.

These four museums are some out of many, so if you love museums, you're in luck.

Unique Restaurants

Are you hungry after a day's worth of exploring? Then, why not enjoy West Palm Beach's bites?

If you're looking for something healthier, Farmer's Table has a variety of fresh and good foods for you. Why not try City Cellar Wine Bar and Grill for a romantic steak dinner? For Italian, Grato is an excellent choice. If you want to enjoy the chicken of the sea, then the Seafood Bar is a great place to check out.

For cheaper eats, West Palm Beach has a variety of choices. Nick's 50's Diner is an excellent choice if you want filling diner food for a fair price. If you want some coffee or tea, try Subculture.

Of course, if you want something familiar, West Palm Beach is home to many fast food and dining franchises.

Events All Year Long

It would be a novel if we wrote all the events in West Palm Beach each year. That's because there's never a dull day in this city, and you can visit the events page to see what's going on in your area at any given time. There's an event for every type of person in West Palm Beach.

These places and events to go to are just a sampling of what West Palm Beach offers. When you're in West Palm Beach, you're never bored.

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