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If you’re moving to Palm Beach Gardens or are visiting, you’re not short of activities to do.
Palm Beach Gardens Florida

While located away from the heart of Miami, Palm Beach Gardens combines quaint with bustling, having many different activities to choose from if you're looking for something to do. We'll look at some fun activities that make the Gardens unique in this post.

Go Golfing

One of Palm Beach Gardens’s nicknames is “The Golf Capital of the World.” We believe it has earned that title, as there are many golf courses and clubs to partake in. For example, you can visit the PGA Resort and live in luxury. Not only are the accommodations excellent, but there are over six golf courses to keep your club busy.

Another golfing area to enjoy is the Abacoa Golf Club. Designed by architect Joe Lee, it's considered one of his most outstanding achievements. It's a challenging golf course but beginner-friendly, with plenty of training courses available.

What if you have children, or you're more of a fan of mini-golf? Well, you're in luck. One of the best mini golf resorts, Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf, has just what you need. Not only does it have some great courses that capture the aesthetics of the beach, but it has food, ice cream and can be a fun place to hold a party.

Go Shopping

Palm Beach Gardens is home to several shopping centers. One of its most prominent is The Gardens Mall, which features over 150 shops. While these shops are more upscale, several are for lower budgets.

Another area you can visit to go shopping is the PGA Commons. If you have a group of friends who like art, are hungry, and want to shop, you're in luck. The PGA Commons has many art galleries, dining centers, and shops to enjoy. Not only is it an excellent place to go shopping and get your fill, but you can experience the culture of Palm Beach Gardens first-hand.

Near that area, there is also Salute Market, which has many different wines available for tasting.

Finally, if you want to support your local farmers, you can visit the Gardens GreenMarket. This market sells many foods straight from local farms, focusing on art and culture. If you like clean eating, with a farmer's market, you know exactly what you're putting in your body comes from and who you're supporting.

Enjoy Nature

Because Palm Beach Gardens is away from the city, there are plenty of areas where you can dive right into nature. For example, you can visit Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area, consisting of over 3 miles of protected forests and trails. Best of all, this area is located beside the mall, allowing you to do two things in one.

Another trail you can enjoy is Cypress Boardwalk Trail, which has nearly a mile of swampy land with some incredible views.

Near Juno Beach, there’s also Loggerhead Marinelife Center. As the name implies, this is a marine life preservation that focuses on preserving endangered sea turtles. So not only can you see them in action, but you can learn just how fragile nature is and why we should maintain it. 


What about, well, the gardens? One botanical garden worth checking out is Mounts. This 16-acre garden has thousands of plants, and some gorgeous light shows that you will enjoy.

 Honestly, if you want to enjoy nature, there's plenty to see in the Gardens. Take a stroll, and you're bound to find something beautiful. 

Go to Some Beaches

Well, the name of this area has “Beach” in it, so we have to discuss where you should go if you want some fun in the sun. One of the most notable is John. D. MacArthur State Park. This beach is home to many endangered species and forests and combines preserving nature with a beach experience. You won't want to miss it.

There’s also Peanut Island. This island gives you a lovely retreat away from the area, with fishing, designated drinking, and other fun activities allowed. We should mention that Peanut Island does require you to bring your own food and drink, so be mindful of that.

If you want to swim in a pool, you can also visit Palm Beach Aquatics, which includes a multi-lap pool and aquatic center kids will love.

Enjoy Their Many Museums

Palm Beach Gardens is home to several museums, which lets you know more about the area’s history. Nearby, there’s the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Not only is this lighthouse breathtaking to look at, but it’s home to a museum that you will enjoy. You can even take sunset tours of the lighthouse.

Closer, there’s the Hibel Museum of Art. As you can guess, this museum houses many fine art pieces, which anyone will enjoy viewing, regardless of artistic skills.

And as we said, the PGA Commons is an excellent area to go to if you want to see modern art that best represents The Gardens and all their glory. Palm Beach Gardens combine classic art with contemporary hits you’ll love.

What About Nightlife?

What fun is there to have in Palm Beach Gardens if you're a night owl? You can go to several bars, such as Twisted Trunk, one of the highest-rated breweries in Palm Beach Gardens. If you're a person who burns the midnight oil, you may be disappointed to know it closes at 10 PM and doesn't go past midnight. While it’s night as highly rated, one sports bar, The Spot, is open until midnight. Now, if you want a place to get late-night bites open even later, The Snuggery has your back. This restaurant is open until 3 AM, pleasing the owliest of owls.

And Much More

Palm Beach Gardens has plenty to do in its own area. But, because it's located beside other significant sites in Palm Beach County, there's even more to do. From nature walks to bars open past midnight, there's something for everyone in the Gardens.


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