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Jupiter is one of the best towns by the sea in Florida.
Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter is a fine choice whether you're moving or you're here to visit. Not only that but there are lots of activities to do, so much so that it feels like it could take up the planet Jupiter. In this post, we'll give you some places that will keep you busy during your stay.

There Are So Many Places to Shop

First, let's please the shoppers by discussing the many places in Jupiter that you can go to if you have a credit card you're itching to max out.

The first is Harbourside Place. It's described as the premier shopping area, with over 16 retail stores for your indulgence. But Harbourside Place is more than just that. They're also home to eight restaurants, an amphitheater, and luxury hotels. So for a nice vacation, this area is not a bad first destination.

If you don't want something so extravagant and want a traditional shopping center, there are many places to go for that experience. For instance, you can visit The Shoppes at Jupiter, a shopping center with dozens of stores to pick from. Jupiter Square is another area worth going if you want a shopping strip with several shops and restaurants to enjoy. There are many other areas well worth shopping at, so keep an eye out.

Enjoy Some Wildlife

Jupiter is home to several areas where wildlife is king. Perhaps the best known is the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. Busch is a non-profit nature preserve that takes care of injured animals near the area. It's a place worth supporting if you love animals as much as we do.

If you love aquatic life, one place to visit is the River Center. It’s home to some of Jupiter’s biggest aquariums, where you can learn all about the watery wildlife.

With that said, be sure to be respectful towards all forms of wildlife.

Take a Journey on the Water

In Jupiter, there are many places you can go if you want to see its beautiful waters for yourself. Let’s look at some of our favorite places to go.

The first one we recommend is the Jupiter Island Lunch Cruise. This 4.5-hour tour takes you around the area, including offering a hearty box lunch. It's a great cruise if you want to enjoy nature's beauty and even some some some celebrity mansions in the process.

You can try the Paddle Boarding Eco Adventure Tour if you want something more natural. This journey paddles you across the waters and gives you a chance to encounter aquatic wildlife yourself. It's a 2-hour tour that will test your endurance, so we hope you enjoy it.

Jupiter is also home to various fishing charters for those looking to fish. With so many species of fish to capture, you’re going to love fishing here.

Because of the town's nature, you can find many other boat tours. Do your research, as some tours are better than others.

Jupiter Lighthouse

We can’t talk about things to do in Jupiter without talking about Jupiter Lighthouse. This lighthouse, located on a 122-acre reservation, was first lit in 1860, and to this day, remains a staple of Jupiter.

Jupiter Lighthouse is a fantastic historical society to visit, with a museum, a camera you can view online, and tours where you can climb the lighthouse. For anyone visiting Jupiter, you must visit this lighthouse to learn more about the history of Jupiter and just to enjoy its breathtaking view.

What About Trails and Parks?

You will be surprised at how many parks and trails are in Jupiter.

There's Cypress Creek, which has 2,000 acres of land, wildlife, and waters to enjoy for the creek lover. For a relaxing day, we can't recommend this enough.

Another park to enjoy is Riverbend Park, which has several areas for picnics, fishing, kayaking, and much more. It’s a gorgeous area that reminds you that Florida is more than just beaches and palm trees.

Finally, check out Jupiter Ridge. This area has over 270 acres and is one of the longest shorelines you can find in the Intracoastal Waterway. You could get lost here.

Give Me a Beach!

Jupiter is well-known for all its beaches. So if you're hungry for some sun and relaxation, you're going to be in for a treat. Several beach areas, such as Jupiter Beach Park and Carlin Park, work well if you want some fun.

Jupiter Beach is especially a hit, well-known for its clean waters and recreation areas. When you’re here, you’ll enjoy hours in the sun. Be sure to bring sunscreen and all your other supplies ahead of time.


For the night owl, what is there to do in Jupiter? Luckily, quite a few unique attractions. For example, Jupiter is home to Game of Axes, an ax-throwing bar open until 11 PM. While alcohol and axes may not seem like the best mix, Game of Axes makes it work.

For bar lovers, Jupiter has several bars open pretty late. For example, Ralph’s Stand Up Bar is a highly-rated attraction. Sunday through Thursday, Ralph's Stand Up Bar is open until 1 AM. Then, on Friday and Saturday, they stay open until 3 AM. Night owls will love drinking here until the last call.

Another popular hot spot is Sunset Cigar Lounge, a cigar bar that stays open until midnight.

For casino and arcade lovers, Jupiter is home to several arcades that you will enjoy. Jupiter Farms Arcade stays open until 11 PM. Meanwhile, there’s Bowlero. Bowlero is a bowling alley complete with an arcade, and it stays open until midnight or later.

And More

Jupiter, being in Palm Beach County, is home to many other attractions both in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. Of course, you're bound to find a gem hidden between its many shopping areas, so this list is merely a place to start. We hope your stay in Jupiter is as impressive as it should be.

Real Estate For Sale In Jupiter

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