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If you are a golfer relocating to south Florida, you are in luck! There are hundreds of golf communities from which to choose.
Florida Golf Communities

Some clubs are optional membership, meaning you can buy a home in the community without joining the club; however, you likely won't be able to use the golf course if you are not a member.

Most are mandatory membership country clubs, meaning you must join the country club when you purchase a home in the community. Conversely, membership in most country clubs is exclusive to community residents; however, some clubs offer outside membership options.

Typically, there is an initiation fee as well as annual dues, and some country clubs have a minimum yearly dining spend. These fees are in addition to homeowners association dues.

We put together our favorite Golf and Country Club communities in South Florida, focusing on which ones have the best real estate options.

  1. St Andrews Country Club, Boca Raton, FL

    "Most prestigious and most secure Country Club in Palm Beach County"

    St Andrews Country Club is home to Florida's highest concentration of billionaires. Locals refer to this award-winning golf and country club as the "Best of the Best." Every home in St Andrews is custom-built, each one architecturally unique. Most of the original residences have been torn down and rebuilt, although some original houses remain. The cost of a tare down in St Andrews starts at approximately $ 1 million. The initiation fee for St Andrews is $200,000, with just $20,000 being refundable when you sell. Annual dues are around $30,000 plus a food and beverage minimum. Several homes in St Andrews Country Club have been built on double lots, and while it would seem like an excellent investment to place more of your value in the land vs. the home, keep in mind that if you do this in St Andrews, you will be required to pay double country club dues and double HOA dues.

  2. Woodfield Country Club, Boca Raton, FL

    "Known for its family-friendly environment."

    Woodfield Country Club is the place to be if you have young children and want to live in a country club community. Let's face it; most people can't afford to live the country club lifestyle until later in life after achieving some level of financial success. For this reason, the crowds in most country clubs tend to be older. Woodfield Country Club is the exception because its residents are primarily young families with children. The amenities at Woodfield are geared towards children, and it is commonplace to see children riding bicycles or playing ball in this safe and secure community in central Boca Raton.

  3. Broken Sound Club, Boca Raton, FL

    "Largest selection of home styles and prices"

    Broken Sound Country club is among the largest golf communities in South Florida, with approximately 1,700 homes, townhouses, and condos. There are 27 subdivisions within Broken Sound, each with its own style and price point. There are two golf courses in Broken Sound, the New Course, and the Old Course, located outside the community across Military Trail. There are three membership levels in Broken Sound; Sports membership initiation is $90,000, the new course initiation is $110,000, while the Old Course membership includes the New Course for $130,000. Annual dues are around $15,000 for Social, $16,000 for New Course, and $20,000 for Old Course membership. Additionally, various service fees and assessments total around $7,500 per year. Each of the 27 subdivisions within Broken Sound has its own Homeowners Association with its fee structure in addition to the club fees.

  4. Boca Grove, Boca Raton, FL

    "It's small and intimate setting means no tee wait times."

    Boca Grove is a small enclave of just 444 homes in a prime location in central Boca between Glades Road, Palmetto Park Rd, and Powerline Road. There is one golf course and one membership level with a nonrefundable initiation fee of $115,000. Annual dues are around $25,000 plus about $13,000 in assessments and HOA fees. Boca Grove did offer an outside membership option in the past, and while it is no longer available, there are a handful of existing outside members of Boca Grove.

  5. Addison Reserve, Delray Beach, FL

    "Famous for having a waitlist for golf membership"

    Addison Reserve is the most popular Country Club community in Delray Beach, with one golf course and two membership levels. Golf membership with an equity fee of $100,000 plus a nonrefundable initiation fee of $15,000, and Sports membership with an equity fee of $55,000 plus a nonrefundable initiation fee of $8,250. Annual dues in Addison Reserve are around $23,000 for golf and $16,000 for Sports. When purchasing a home in Addison Reserve that has a golf membership, you can immediately join as a golf member; however, if you buy a home that has a Sports membership, if you opt for the golf membership, you may have to wait for an opening since they limit the number of golf membership at any time. For this reason, knowing which membership option a particular home has is essential before making an offer.

  6. Mirasol Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    "Most challenging course in South Florida"

    Mirasol Country Club is not for the novice golfer. The championship 36-hole golf course designed by Arthur Hills and Tom Fazio is a challenge even for the most experienced golfers. There are three membership levels of available at The Country Club at Mirasol. Golf membership has a $100,000 equity plus a $40,000 initiation fee upon joining. Sports membership has a $64,000 equity plus a $26,000 initiation fee. Social membership has a $43,000 equity plus a $17,000 initiation fee. Only 80% of the equity portion for all membership levels is refundable.

  7. Boca Pointe, Boca Raton, FL

    "Most affordable membership optional club"

    The beauty of Boca Pointe is that you don't have to join the club to live there. Since this article is geared toward those who do want to play golf, we will outline the various membership options in Boca Pointe:
    Equity membership requires a $10,000 nonrefundable equity payment, plus annual dues depending on the level of membership you choose, ranging from around $6,000 a year to about $13,000 per year. There are also non-equity membership options available, including membership for tenants, trial membership for new members, and golf membership to non-residents. There are numerous subdivisions, each with its own homeowner's association and dues.

  8. Mizner Country Club, Delray Beach, FL

    Mizner Country Club is another small, intimate, mandatory membership golf club located in West Delray Beach. There are two membership options available; Golf and Sports. A golf membership requires a $120,000 nonrefundable initiation fee plus a $20,000 equity fee. A sports membership requires a $105,000 nonrefundable initiation fee plus a $10,000 equity fee. Equity feels for both membership types is 80% upon the sale of your home. Annual dues for a golf membership are around $35,000, while yearly dues for a sports membership are approximately $32,000. It is worth pointing out that the sports membership includes a limited number of rounds of golf per year.

  9. Royal Palm Yacht Club, Boca Raton, FL

    "Most exclusive waterfront community in Florida"

    Royal Palm Yacht Club is luxurious community with golf, a yacht club, and a marina. There are three types of homes in Royal Palm Yacht Club, interior lots, golf course view lots, and waterfront lots. There are no fixed bridges between Royal Palm and the Boca Inlet, so there are no height limitations on what type of yacht you can dock in Royal Palm. Membership in the Country Club is not tied to homeownership, meaning you can join the club without owning a home in Royal Palm, and conversely, owning a home does not entitle you to join the club. Instead, joining the club requires multiple existing members to sponsor you. Many residents of Royal Palm Yacht Club opt not to join the country club and instead join The Boca Raton (formerly known as the Boca Resort & Club), which is located adjacent to Royal Palm, directly across from the Camino Real entrance. Royal Palm Yacht Club roads are public and maintained by the city. Because of this, the community is not gated like most other clubs in south Florida; instead, to provide security to its residents, Royal Palm has a private security force stationed at each entrance, and while they cannot deny anyone from entering the community, they can monitor for suspicious behavior and can call the police if needed.

  10. Parkland Golf & Country Club, Parkland, FL

    "Best golf community in Broward County"

    Parkland Golf and Country Club is a mandatory membership country club community. Parkland, sometimes referred to as "South Boca," is located in northwest Broward County, just south of Boca Raton. Homes for sale in Parkland Golf & Country Club range from $500k to as much as $10 Million. The membership options are; Resident Sport Membership, Resident Golf Membership, Resident Limited Golf Membership and Resident Tenant Membership. There is currently a waitlist for the Golf Membership option.



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